Questions about Insurance

1. Is the bike insured if I am involved in an accident?

No. The bike is your responsibility once it is on hire. You may be covered by other types of insurance but Treadly Bike Hire does not provide insurance for bikes or users. Please make your own arrangements if you need insurance.

2. What happens if a bike in my possession is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen?

You might have to pay a fee. Please read our terms and conditions to find out more.


Please let us know straight away by calling our emergency number: 08 8232 0158.

You must report the theft to the police and obtain a report reference number, please then give that number to us.

All bikes are security registered and have secret markings. We will endeavour to recover the bike, but if we cannot, we will charge your credit card for the cost of a replacement bike at $2000. Please read our terms and conditions to find out more. You may well be covered by your household or other insurance. Please make your own checks as to whether or not you have insurance cover.