Carbon neutral hire

The bicycle is the most efficient way to travel under human power, and by not only offering an option for our users to do so, but delivering their hire bikes by cargo bicycle as well, we greatly reduce the ongoing carbon emissions of the business. Brompton (the manufacturer of our hire bicycles) already have extensive environmental policies in place for the manufacturing process, and in doing so they have reduced the carbon footprint of a Brompton bicycle drastically.

We expect that the average user will travel between 3 and 8 kilometers over the course of each day they hire the bicycle. The manufacturing of our initial fleet of 10 bicycles will have a carbon footprint of approximately 1.13 tonnes of carbon – we will be carbon neutral by the time our bikes have collectively replaced 5000 km of private car travel (or 10000km of public transport travel). We fully expect that we will reach that goal within 100 hire days per bike and continue to practice sustainably and efficiently.