1. I don't know how to fold/unfold a Brompton. How can I learn?

You can find folding/unfolding instructions. Alternatively, you can watch our online videos.

2. I tried everything but I can't fold/unfold the bike. What should I do?

Please call our emergency number, 0408 849 661, and we will walk you through it.

3. Can I carry a Brompton on public transport?

Yes. Bromptons can be taken on trains, buses (in a cover), trams and the underground, even at peak times.

4. Does Treadly Bike Hire provide locks for Bromptons?

Yes we do. DO NOT CHAIN OR LOCK YOUR TREADLY BIKE HIRE BIKES JUST ANYWHERE, there will be the risk of theft. Keep it with you at all times - it's safer that way. More information on this can be found in our terms.

5. How do the lights work?

Brompton bikes come with both front and rear dynamo lights. To turn both lights on there is a switch on the back of the front light. Lifting the switch to the top position marked 'I'. The lights will come on as you pedal, the rear light will stay on for a few minutes when you come to a stop.

6. Why does my rear light stay on when I have stopped or finished using the bike?

The rear light is designed to stay on when you come to a stop so that you will be seen at traffic lights, for example. It will go out after a few minutes when the battery has run flat. There is no need to switch the lights off when you have finished with the bike.